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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Do You Mean They're NOT REAL?

As women we've all been battered by the media showing women with plastic surgery of various kinds. From enhanced breasts (both well done and poorly done) to hair extensions and padded booties(though why anyone would want to do this is beyond me!).

But the one thing that's always defeated me are false eyelashes. And face it, I'm getting to an age when my own lashes are thinning a bit and a few extras here and there would be a huge improvement. If ONLY I could figure out just how to get them all to stay on. On my lash line that is.

What happens when I try to add lashes? I end up with one or two on my nose. (what a sight that is! like having nose hairs sprouting out the TOP of your nose!) One or two lashes are half on my eye, half off. One lash on my lips. And several adhering to my bathroom sink. Are any of them on my eyes? Maybe one or two, but never neatly applied. Never even numbers on both eyes. I could never leave the house with lashes I've applied.

Which is why I talked to an expert! My daughter, who else? Not only are kids experts at all things techie, they seem to have mastered the art of lash additions as well! (And the annoying thing is she doesn't need extra lashes!) But thank goodness she showed me an easier way to apply my fake eyelashes.

First she explained that while it might seem easier to add a whole line of lashes, it won't give me the look I want. I don't want to look like ... well I won't say EXACTLY what she said, but suffice it to say I want to look, well, ladylike. But I just want to be a lady with more lashes. So she suggested applying lashes, single lashes. 

The first thing I noticed about what she called 'single lashes' is that they aren't really single at all, they just aren't an entire eye strip of lashes, but they have a single root that you need to glue on.  She suggested trying these first because it would 'fill in' my lash line faster.  As I get better at manipulating the lashes I can do a single lash at a time.  She told me I'd also need some eyelash glue or adhesive (duh! That I'd figured out!), some tweezers, some mascara and liquid eyeliners.  Oh yes, and some lashes.  She also suggested using an old top for a pill bottle to put the adhesive in to save on cleanup. (Foil also works.)  And a steady hand... when I could stop laughing.  All this over eyelashes?  Am I nuts? (OK, you don't need to laugh so hard at that one! OR point out that I've been that way for years!)

Here's her tutorial for single eyelashes:

1. Squeeze some adhesive into the pill bottle lid.  A small dot is plenty--less than the size of your pinkie nail.  You can just use a tissue but I like the way the lid contains the adhesive.
2.  Use tweezers to pick up a single lash, just above the 'root.'
3.  Dip into the adhesive, coating the root of the lash. 
4.  Add them at the end of your lash line next to the last natural lash. 
5.  Be sure they are lined up properly and are securely anchored.  Look to both sides as well as up and down. Check your mirror again, be sure they're securely in place. I use Lash All You Want from the Mark catalog from Avon. It gives you 12X the volume with just ONE coat of mascara.  Don't forget to pick up some eye makeup remover from Avon as well--great product at half the price you'd pay in the department stores.
6.  Keep adding single lashes one at a time.  My eyes take two, sometimes three if it's night time.
7.  Then use your mascara to 'connect' all the lashes and make them all look the same.
8.  Line with some liquid eyeliner.  I use some by Avon's Mark Catalog's "What A Line" felt tip eyeliner (be sure to click on the Mark icon if you're clicking in from the ad at the side of my blog).  I use black, but you can choose the color that best suits you.

And the end result? Perfecto!  They stay on, don't look fake, and best of all, they aren't growing out of my nose!

I've now moved on to actual single lashes.  A few in the center and working my way out.  Once again I have lush lashes! Now that I've mastered this skill, what's next? 

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