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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teeth, Tunes and Heartthrobs?

Teeth, Tunes and Heartthrobs. Whoever would have thought we'd see them all linked together?

We all know our dentist recommends brushing for 120 seconds.  But trying to get your child, tween or older teen to actually make it past about 30 seconds is a chore.  Thanks to Brush Buddies for many it's a chore no more.  Now it's 120 seconds of Justin Bieber pure listening pleasure. (with the added accompaniment from spitting and rinsing.) That's right, it's a singing toothbrush.  A Justin Bieber singing toothbrush.

YouTube video from Best Buddies website.

Yes, I suppose you could just play 120 seconds of his music and blare it out for your kids to listen  to, but Brush Buddies have designed a ergonomic, fun toothbrush that plays Justin B crooning "Baby" and "U Smile."  Or try the other option, that plays "Love Me" and "Somebody To Love." 

As one teenie-bopper said, I have two, one for morning, one for night--school won't let me bring one in to use at lunch time! LOL Well I can understand the schools POV, can you imagine your middle school at lunch time suddenly having after lunch bathroom breaks drawn out while hundreds of Justin's fans each spend a full two minutes each brushing their teeth to tunes?  And think of the SOUND.  Hundreds of brushes all on at once, almost like Justin Bieber went to summer camp and recorded himself singing 'rounds' of his fans' favorite tunes.  And playing it over and over hundreds of times all at once! I suppose we should be glad Justin's voice is one of the less ear splitting things our kids could be listening to.

Have a child who is younger and not into 'The Bieb' yet? Brush Buddies has a line of Brush Buddies Talking featuring a cow, a dog, a cat, a monkey and a the ever popular pig.  These singing wonders give directions to younger kids on how to brush and encourages them with positive reinforcement AND keeps them brushing till the two minutes are up.

Today GroupOn has offered two of these Justin Bieber singing wonders from Brush Buddies for the low price for two singing brushes for the low price of just $14.  A savings of 53%.  And if you check their web site you'll find Justin has a whole line of oral care products.  Some sing, some don't, but when even one of his flossing products is sold out you know this is a young man with some POWER.  Are you a closet adult Bieber fan? You can buy a brush that doesn't sing but has Bieber's face on it and hide it in your bathroom.

According to Brush Buddies' website this Bieber brush is endorsed by dentists and tween alike.  Each brush has a replaceable brush head (with DuPont bristles) and an easy to hold handle graced with Justin Bieber’s trademark of his floppy crop of hair and big eyes. So households far and wide, prepare for the invasion of Bieber Brushes!

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