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Friday, January 6, 2012

10+ Ways to Trade Your Old Electronics for Cash

Somehow each year my storage closet ends up cluttered with more electronic gadgets that are out of date or that I've replaced for one reason or another.  There has to be a way to move them out without simply throwing them away and cluttering up the landfill.  Sometimes people we're connected to on Linked In provide the answer to our prayers!

One of my Linked In connections posted this article written by Christine Erickson, 10 Ways to Trade Your Old Electronics for Cash for Mashable Tech.  I found it shared on Linked In, but no matter where you read it, the details are sure to help you clear out those old electronics usually in exchange for a gift card.  I also added a few ideas of my own to help clear out those closets.

Of course there are also simple resale shops that resell your old computer, printer, and other electronics.  Usually you'll find these in your local strip mall, possibly in a unprepossessing storefront but don't underestimate these stores based on their looks alone. 

Reselling a cellular phone? There are several web sites out there that will send you a box to overnight your old phone, complete with it's charger and direction booklet in return you'll get a check from them.  Don't hold onto your old cellular phones forever, the older they are the less they are are worth when you resell them.  Be sure to remove any personal information before reselling any item. Just Google "who will buy my old cell phone" and you'll get an endless list.  A few were listed by Christine Erickson on her post, but there are more out there.  Look for one who will send you pure, unadulterated CASH!  No gift cards for me.  Nope.  I like cash. 

Another way to turn your old electronics into cash is to list them on your local Craigslist.  It's not as easy as simply mailing an item to a company but you may make more money out of it.  Listings with photos always sell better than those without so consider taking the time to provide buyers looking at the web site a photo.  If they have to email you for photos they may pass you by and move on to the next seller.  I know people who have made hundreds of dollars on Craigslist in the last few years, not all of it was in electronics, some were other home goods or furniture. But the fact remains, consider Craigslist.

So don't let those old electronics sit in your closets gathering dust.  Sell them for some cold, hard cash.

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