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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Headed For Disaster!

There are times a woman should just know she's headed for disaster.  It shouldn't take reading a page of 'fashion  don'ts' to let her know that it's time to leave some new trends to her daughters or granddaughters. The new trend in headbands is one.

Photo courtesy of the PB Pulse

Bad enough the years we (and I shudder to even think about it!) had Hillary Clinton wearing her simple black headbands, but at least they were plain black bands. The headbands Hillary wore always made me think she was trying to show she was in mourning like an old fashioned Victorian, but at least they were unadorned with funky flowers or big bows.  But now the new trend is for headbands with big floppy flowers, large bows or even butterflies attached! Please tell me you aren't going wear that out of the house if you are past the BIG 40!

Photo courtesy of Fabulous After 40.

Confused about what styles work past 40? Over 40s who are looking for some fashion guidance should consider reading Fabulous After 40, a fashion blog written by two of the most fashion sensible women I've ever met.  No, this doesn't mean they don't look stylish and chic, no, Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler are two of the best dressed women I've ever met. Their blog is filled with no nonsense tips for those of us who are just a 'little bit' over 40. (OK, so some of us are a lot over 40!) No matter what age you are, Deborah and JoJami have great advice to keep you and me from making those fashion faux pas. 

LOLO headband from (There's a reason the model isn't over 40)

This trend for hairbands worn by after 40s was addressed in a recent Q&A from Fabulous After 40 in their January 19th newsletter. (Conveniently delivered direct to my email.) Take the time to tell me what you think in the comments below. Are women over 40 wearing hairbands headed for fashion disaster? Also go to their web site and sign up for your own newsletter, it's always fun reading and informative too. And will keep you from heading for fashion disasters!

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