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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegetarian Squirrels?

Are your squirrels vegans? vegetarians? What a picture in my head... the gray squirrels who usually inhabit the trees out front suddenly taking to shopping at health food stores!  I am sure the next time I park at Whole Foods I'll find they have taken over not only the parking lot or garage but the interior of the store as well.  

Photo of Vertical Garden Wall at Whole Foods Vancouver
Courtesy of: Snacking Squirrel

Actually, according to the web page, A Squirrel Place, squirrels normally don't eat meat.  They'd be perfectly at home among the vegetarians shopping at Whole Foods, especially this Vancouver store with it's vertical garden walls and a bar filled with nuts to make your own trail mix

But if squirrels are facing starvation they have been known to force themselves to eat bird eggs.  Oh Yuck! (Oh wait, I eat eggs...guess chickens are birds!) And if they get still hungrier they'll snack on insects or (TOTAL YUCK!) pick at a carcass.  

Male squirrels have even been known to eat their young, though this is a rarity.

It's obvious you don't have to worry about your local squirrels taking over your Whole Foods Store in an attempt to grab some tofurkey!  But they just might be looking for some of the great nuts they have in their stores, so if you see a furry guy pushing a cart, loaded with nuts, (and he has a bushy tail) you'll know we've been invaded!

Squirrel Factoids from: A Squirrel Place 

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