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Friday, January 20, 2012

Defrost My Bikini?

Defrost my bikini? Oh sure, I'll just run out to the kitchen and get it out right now. NOT! Whoever wrote this ad must be joking! And whoever approved it to run crazier yet. This is one of those ads that runs on my television that I see out of the corner of my eye and go 'oh sure! some man wrote that one!' FOR ANOTHER MAN! And I proceed to ignore the rest of the message.
For one thing, bikinis on the majority of women are BAD news. On some the news is far worse than others.  Bikinis are meant for the young and very firm bodied--most of us mom kicking back and finally putting our feet up after a long day with the kids have bodies that, well, have had children. We no longer resemble a Victoria's Secret's model and the idea of living on sprouts and tea and exercise for the rest of our lives no longer holds any appeal if it ever did.
That's not to say some incredible women (I bow to you all!) are able to get back to their fabulous pre-babies bodies. I'm not really sure how they do it. I was so exhausted with baby care that hitting the gym was on the bottom of my list of things to do once babies went to sleep.  
What was at the top? A shower without interruptions? A conversation with a husband that didn't revolve around spit and diapers? Or sometimes just some quiet time alone.  But not in the gym pumping iron and doing aerobics or some of the newer forms of exercise torture designed since my baby producing days ended.  
So to that ad, I say "HELL NO!" You lost me with those few ill-chosen words. Maybe the ad wasn't meant for me.  Maybe it has a different target demographic. But any ad that immediately alienates a good portion of its audience is a BAD ad. So I won't be defrosting my bikini any time soon! Will you?

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