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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crayola Squirrels

credit: Diliff/CCSA

When I started writing this blog I never realized there was a veritable Crayola Crayon box of colors of squirrels living somewhere in the world. While I didn't find any green or blue squirrels (or haven't yet) most of the others are out there.
photo courtesy of Crayola Products

It would make sense that a gray squirrel would be gray--right? Nope.  In fact gray squirrels can be gray, and gray is it's most common color, but gray squirrels are also brown, pure white, as well as pure black.  The pure white and pure black squirrels are variations on the shade of gray.  

Likewise red squirrels aren't all red. Some red squirrels have an all black coat! And the Kaibab squirrel has a white tail but a black body! 

credit: Cephas/CCSA

I don't know who named these squirrels but it seems to me they were trying to confuse us all! I mean I can understand the variations in the gray squirrels being the extremes at both ends of the gray spectrum resulting in the white or black squirrel.  But red squirrels that are black? It seems that squirrels come in nearly as many colors as there are in a box of Crayola Crayons!

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