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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks... who doesn't have them? OK, what woman who has had kids doesn't have them? And anyone who has been overweight has too. Stretch marks occur during any sudden change in your body size like pregnancy, puberty, or other rapid weight-gain (you know, that fifty pounds you put on for the big movie role last year?) OK, OK, so most of us haven't had to gain a lot of weight for a movie but you get the idea..

We've all heard old wives tales about how to get rid of stretch marks, but a friend of mine swears by the following tip.

1. Make a paste out of coffee grinds and olive oil.
2. Massage well into the area that has stretch marks for approximately five minutes.
3. Then take a hot towel and wrap it around the area for 20-25 minutes.
4. Remove the towel and wash the paste off with warm water.
5. Apply moisturizer to the area.

The coffee grinds combined with the olive oil supposedly stimulate the area to remove the stretch marks. Do three times a week and you should see a difference in about two weeks.

Urban legend? Old wives tale? Or does it really work? You tell me. I don't drink coffee and I'm sure not going to make a paste of coffee and olive oil, I'll live with my stretch marks but for the rest of you, give it a try.


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