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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Parisian Squirrels--Even Ride Bikes With Style

Video Courtesy of American Airlines on

Have you ever noticed that squirrels seem to mimic their human counterparts?  Just compare the chic French squirrels seen in the video above with their boring and sometimes tacky counterparts in  Philadelphia. 

It seems Parisian squirrels have a bit more style than their American counterparts, at least the ones where I live in Philadelphia. In Paris they have RED squirrels.  Not gray and boring Philadelphia squirrels!  Have you ever seen a Philadelphia, or worse yet, a JERSEY squirrel with a sense of style?  All the squirrels I see look like they've been in a rumble with between the Sharks and the Jets. Tails scraggly, fur ripped off.  I'm not sure what these squirrels do in their spare time but it certainly isn't anything as cosmopolitan as enjoying macarons at their local bistro. Jersey squirrels are just as bad.  I mean have you SEEN those people on Jersey Shore?  Obviously the squirrels take after their human counterparts--totally lacking in style.  Imagine what the squirrels would look like if they'd filmed this ad in Philadelphia. Down in South Philly they'd mimic their human counterparts and would be wearing 'wife beaters' or in Center City the females dressed in 'center city chic' -- a bizarre combination of huge gold necklaces, skirts too short, too tight, gold earrings too big, a lot of flash, weaves, but nothing resembling Parisian style. I don't know what to call most fashion in Philly but it sure isn't stylish! This isn't to say Philadelphia doesn't have some fashionistas but most of Philadelphia is clueless in the fashion department. Which is why American Airlines made their ad shown above in Paris. 

Here we have gray squirrels...boring creatures, annoying rodents, rat-like but with wider tails.  But in Paris! Oh yes! In Paris the squirrels ride bikes in jaunty berets or Velibs and scooters to cruise around the gridlock of traffic on their way to work or to play.  Their fur is sleek.  Almost as though they've just been to the squirrel spa. Even on their way to work they look like they're anticipating a day of play. I mean they LOOK like wherever they're going, whatever they're going to be doing it's going to be fun. 

Philly squirrels look like their human counterparts, headed to the Tastycake factory for another day cranking out mass produced cupcakes and pies for the already obese population to consume.  (Thank goodness the video wasn't made in Philadelphia!)  Unlike their Parisian counterparts who would be at their local bistro enjoying croissants and macarons.  Or Philadelphia squirrels might be on their way to the famous Pat's Steaks to serve up (or consume) another day's worth of grease with a side of meat.  And if you ever tried to park a bike in Philadelphia it would be history a few minutes after you walked away. 

Yes, Philly Squirrels lack style.  They have no panache.  They have no je ne sais quoi.  Which is why American Airlines made an ad in Paris not Philadelphia!  Lesson learned! Style counts. Take note Philadelphia squirrel population!

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