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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mission Impossible? Not Really.

This squirrel has conquered this insane obstacle course with seemingly little effort at all! How any of us can hope our simple bird feeders will defeat a determined squirrel is beyond me! Yes, you can still grease the pole to your feeder and hope this 'defeats the squirrels' but this is so much more fun.   I mean look how hard he has to work to get his food!  It's almost like one of those hamster cages with all the tubes and wheels.  Obviously squirrels are no strangers to the acrobatics needed to make it through this obstacle course!  Definitely not Mission Impossible for this squirrel! 

As is making it through the obstacle course wasn't enough, this ingenious squirrel has managed to do the impossible--to get candy out of a vending machine.  No, he didn't deposit any money.  He didn't shake the machine--watch to see his ingenious invasion of the vending machine--and his prize!

If you want to see this video in all it's full size glory head over to YouTube.  Video courtesy of YouTube.

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