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Monday, January 9, 2012

Impossible You Say?

I was floating around on the 'net today and someone asked if a certain things were impossible.  OK, that got me going...impossible...the word always gets me going.  Impossible just means someone hasn't figured out how to do it yet.  Or they haven't thought outside the box enough.  These challenges were the perfect way to start out the week.

Here's the quote from the blog called amirite:

"The next time someone tells you nothing is impossible, tell them to dribble a football, BBQ pancakes, slam a revolving door or nail jello to a tree. amirite?" Was amirite right or wrong?  What do you think? Can you BBQ Pancakes?  Dribble a football? Nail Jello to a tree, or slam a revolving door? 

I know one thing, my neighbors surely think I am totally bonkers since I've been attempting the 'impossible' all day long!  Fortunately for me most of them were already at work when I started trying to dribble the football.   That one isn't actually too hard, even for this overly round (and I admit, slightly crazy) old lady.  I admit, the ball never came up to the same height as I can dribble a basketball, but hey, the challenge was to dribble it, not make the NBA! 

Unfortunately a real estate agent brought some potential buyers to see the house across the street while I was working on my next task, BBQ'ing pancakes. The potential buyers stopped to chat on the way to their car.  There I was, BBQ going, sausages, apples and pancake batter in hand... they gave me a REALLY funny look, and didn't hang around long.  I'm sure they'll go home talking about the insane lady who looked like she was going to BBQ her pancakes.  It is probably fortunate they weren't around for the nailing Jello to a tree that came next! My husband got to laugh at me trying that stunt. 

Nailing Jello to a tree really isn't that difficult.  About as hard as nailing it to a wall.  Making Jello is a little trickier. Some cheaters may just try nailing a box of Jello to a tree or a single serve container of Jello to a tree.  NO CHEATING!  Actually its far easier to use single serve Jello taken out of it's container for this one.  I think it's consistency is a little more rubbery.  Try a little less water in your homemade Jello, that might do the trick! Unfortunately, I had to 'borrow' a neighbors tree.  I am sure they will understand.  Won't they?  I have to report, you definitly CAN nail Jello to a tree (or most anything else, including walls, for that matter.)

Former Sen. John McCain obviously has never tried nailing Jello to a wall or he never would have made the following comment during candidates debate during the last presidential election:  "Nailing down Sen. Obama’s various tax proposals is like nailing Jell-O to the wall."  Either that or he's dumber than he looks.  (See the YouTube clips of McCain comparing the Obama Tax Plan to nailing Jello to a wall).  He's SOOOO going to regret that phrase!  And the fact that thanks to the Internet it will replay over and over and over again! 

My next trick was finding a revolving door.  Anyone who lives in Drexel Hill knows there aren't many of those around town...but there is one at Delaware County Hospital by the Emergency Room.   I'm just not quite brave enough to try it out.  In front of cameras and security guards.  Any takers? Let me know if you can figure out how to do it--without getting arrested!  After all, this is NOT a movie.  (For movie fans watch Elf and the revolving glass door scene.)  Breaking doors is not part of the project. 

The moral of the story?  Don't presume something is impossible because at first thought it seems that way.  Make an effort.  Be creative.  Try it out.  Just DON'T get arrested doing it!  Or end up IN the hospital after your break the glass in their revolving door!  One man's (or woman's) impossibility is another's 'SNAP! I can do that!'

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