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Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Means War!

This Means War, (and I don't mean against the squirrels) No, This Means War is the new Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy with co-stars Chris Pine (yummy!) and Tom Hardy (not my type but the other ladies were swooning.) Chelsea Handler plays Reese's best friend and provides her own particular point of view. This Means War is being pre-screened in a city near you as you read this.

Poster Photo courtesy of: Movie Poster DB

Witherspoon's character dates the two men (both spies) at the same time and hilarity ensues. I hesitate to ruin the rest of the plot line of This Means War by giving too much away! I'm not sure about the casting, not that Reese wasn't her usual gorgeous self, and the guys were hot, but she seems more 'mature' than both her co-stars and their characters.  It was an odd plot line for a cougar and her cubs.

Our pre-screening tickets of This Means War were at The Ritz East in Philadelphia and the place was packed. Obviously Reese manages to draw the crowds no matter what the subject matter or the age of her co-stars. The movie was 'cute' but definitely not a blockbuster. I predict it will do well on the rental market and the pre-Valentine's Day crowd.

That being said, it was a nice 'date night out' and a fun flick.  The Ritz East has great popcorn, which will suck me in every single time, and team that with a romantic comedy, I'm content for the night!

So men, take your lady to see this movie, you'll like the 'spy parts' and enjoy watching Reese, and your ladies will ooh and ah over the unattainable men and get a kick out of the plot line! Fantasy at it's best! This Means War is a movie choice you won't have to fight over.

The blogger received two complimentary tickets from  I was not asked to write this review by fobo, nor did receiving free tickets effect the content of her review in anyway, but the blogger would like to thank them for the opportunity to see the film ahead of time and at no cost to us.

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