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Monday, January 23, 2012

I'll Never Understand...Juice Diets


Photo courtesy of Sarah Smiles Awhile

If you're like me, everywhere you go SOMEONE is on a juice diet. They are drinking green juice, orange (color) juice, red juice, yellow juice... all day long.  Just how much juice can you consume? It seems to me some people are juice-a-holics. They don't just drink at meal times. Juice dieters bring their juice in the elevator, to a business meeting, to a doctor's office, and on mass transit. Juice dieting is literally EVERYWHERE!

I mean I love some orange juice (fresh squeezed is good, but I'll take some good Tropicana) with my breakfast. A small glass of OJ gives me a pleasant way to start the day. Tomato juice or even V-8 isn't too bad at lunch or dinner. But orange and parsley juice? YCH! Carrot-apple juice...pluease!!!!! Spinach juice?

It seems everywhere I go people are whipping out their little 'jars of juice' to consume, grossing out the rest of us who have to watch them consume the stuff. So please, keep your 'cleansing diets' at home. Don't make me watch you drink it while I'm trying to enjoy my lunch! And don't give me the details of how it 'detoxes your body' while I'm eating, in fact I don't want to know about it at all! Don't sit next to me on the bus and offer me a sip (especially when I don't even KNOW you.) Don't drink in the elevator and spill it on my cream colored suit as the elevator lurches to a stop. Just put the stuff away. Be a closet drinker.

Actually, when it comes right down to it, go ahead and drink it. I know, you have your rights (hmmm, though I don't know that drinking juice in public is covered in the Constitution.) Drink it in front of me. Just not out of a see through jar so I have to observe the green glop as you extol it's virtues and how it 'cleanses you.'  TMI... (Too much information). Some things I REALLY don't want to know! So if you're 'juice dieting' suffer in silence, don't tell me about it and put your juice in an opaque jar!

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