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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reminder To Brides

Want to win a beautiful garter set by Garter Mademoiselle or The Pink Birdhouse?  Get your choice of a single garter or garter set.  Go to WDW (Wedding Day Weekly) Blogging For Brides, read The Great Garter Giveaway, and see the many ways you can enter! Be sure to follow the directions and keep alert for the announcement of the winner.

Don't want to take the chance on your favorite one of a kind garter being sold in the meantime? Buy yours now, save the one you win for the next time you need a gift for a wedding shower.  Or if you have a sister or cousin who is heading to a prom this year, pick one out for her when you win.  Or save the set for a night with your special someone.

Just browsing these two sites will make you want one for your own.  Read all about Deborah, the artist who makes them, she puts a lot of artistry as well as love into each piece she makes.  What could be better for a wedding day than a garter crafted with love?

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