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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mother In Law MIA

During Frankenstorm (my favorite nickname for Hurricane Sandy) we lost my MIL. We can't find her. She hasn't called, hasn't texted and frankly we're worried. She lives near the Jersey Shore and they were hard hit by this most recent high powered storm. 

We are hoping she's headed to a local shelter with some of her neighbors. We tried reaching some of them but can't get an answer from their homes either.

We tried to get her to evacuate before the storm but she didn't want to leave her home. I understand, she's comfortable there. But since I remember a storm that hit in  '62 or so (when I was a child) and I saw the photos of the devastation then, I'm concerned.

I am hoping she didn't try to get in her car and drive to a shelter. I'm hoping her house wasn't the one I heard the governor talking about that was found floating down Highway 35 (which is a few blocks from her house). I know the statistical probability of that one house being hers is very low, but... still we worry.

This whole situation points up the reason we all need a network of people to contact in case of emergency. A contact manual or even just a cell phone loaded with emergency numbers.

I hope your family survived the storm. Better yet, I hope they didn't live in the areas affected by it. But just in case of a future emergency, consider putting together a manual of info they'd find useful if another Frankenstorm came along.

Hey Mom, phone home!


  1. Is everything ok? Did you hear from her?

  2. Finaly, yes. She was...NOT ANSWERING THE PHONE! Sometimes... Her electric was still out this morning, hopefully she'll agree to leave and come down here until later. I know it's hard getting older, and I know she doesn't like leaving her house, and I really, really appreciate all her neighbors have been doing, but they all have their own issues w/the storm and their own families. She needs to think of them too. But I was relieved when she finally answered the phone, we were about to call the police. Who certainly have better things to do than have to go check on someone who is just not answering her phone.