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Monday, October 29, 2012

All Alone In Frankenstorm!

The storm, whether you call it 'Sandy' or 'Frankenstorm' has resulted in many people being isolated and away from the rest of the family and friends. Isolation. Not a good thing. For anyone. Especially in a weather emergency.

And then I remembered. Upstairs at my house, all alone, there is... (Well the good news is, it is NOT my mother! She's a smart woman, she's not where the storm can reach her.) It's my daughter's wedding gown. And the wedding gown, like many people in this storm hangs alone. The dress is the lone occupant of the upstairs of our house.

 My daughter, husband and I all decided our best option was to sleep downstairs--but I woke up at 3AM and realized we had left my youngest daughter's wedding gown upstairs. Upstairs where if we get a roof leak it will get damaged.

It was the last thing I thought about as I was getting my house 'storm ready.' No one on the news reminded me to move wedding gowns to a safer location. Frankly I forgot it was up there. Why didn't she keep it at her apartment? Now I have one more thing to worry about.

If I evacuate I can see it now, my husband, my oldest daughter, my guinea pig and 'the dress.' Come on, stop laughing, how could I leave it? But somehow I doubt the people at the shelter will be thrilled. They won't be thrilled with my pet, let alone "the dress." There I'll be, the old lady with the cane, the guinea pig cage in tow and a wedding gown thrown over her shoulder--please pray my roof doesn't leak and we don't have to evacuate!

I wouldn't be so worried if our roof was in better shape. It survives normal storms but this one, I have some serious doubts. So if you see a woman at the shelter where you are, wedding dress and guinea pig in tow, well, you'll know it's me. Come over, say hi, and offer to hold the dress for me, just for a minute. Do you know how heavy those things are?

Thankfully her wedding isn't this weekend. I feel so sorry for brides who were supposed to get married this weekend. Usually this is the perfect time of year to get married--not this year. Not if you live anywhere on the east coast of the United States.

I'm thinking, wedding insurance might not be a bad idea. Her wedding is in February. Yes, it is time to buy some wedding insurance. Just in case we get a big snow storm and she can't have her wedding that day.

So, if the dress survives, Tuesday or Wednesday I'll be on the phone getting quotes for insurance. One more wedding expense... If it doesn't survive, I'll have to break the news to my daughter... not so good. Brides don't take kindly to ruined wedding gowns.

Yes, it's been moved now. (I dragged it down the steps in the middle of the night so it could 'sleep' with the rest of the family.) So it wouldn't be isolated and alone if we got leaks. I'm not sure it will save the dress if we get leaks downstairs but I've done my best... one more time.

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