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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Give To The Green - Find Out How

Photo courtesy of the Camden City Garden Club

Now that the Community Giving Day sponsored by Whole Foods is past, don't forget to add the Camden City Garden Club and the Camden Children's Garden to your list of annual charitable donations.

If you've never been to the gardens be sure to take your children, grandchildren or friends to see the garden. While you're in Camden visit the Aquarium for a well rounded day of fun mixed with education (the kids will never notice the educational info they are getting, they'll be having too much fun!)

Thank you to Whole Foods for sponsoring the Community Giving Day and thank you to all the members of the community who took part in it. I hope some of you were able to join your local Whole Foods Market in supporting this wonderful cause.

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Orignal Post:

Whole Foods has designated three dates in October as "5% Community Giving Day." Five percent of their net sales on the specific dates listed below at specific stores will benefit the Camden City Garden Club and the Camden Children's Garden.

Please consider supporting the Camden City Garden Club and the Camden Children's Garden by shopping at the following Whole Foods locations on:

October 16

Marlton, NJ

Princeton, NJ

South Street, Philadelphia, PA

Callowhill, Philadelphia, PA

Glen Mills, PA

Devon, PA

North Wales, PA

P Street, Washington, DC

October 17

Jenkintown, PA

Plymouth Meeting, PA

October 18

Wynnewood, PA

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