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Monday, October 29, 2012

More Water Where?

With all the emergency preparedness happening I am not sure where there is more water, indoors or out. It seems my house has ended up with six cases of water...per person!

If the storm doesn't float us away drinking all that water will.  I made the mistake of sending someone (who shall be nameless) to the store for me for some bottled water. Fine. But I said get six bottles of water... obviously there was a huge misunderstanding! Six bottles turned into six cases of 32 bottles each per person!
I'm the first to admit I drink a lot of water. But...but... not 198 bottles in a few days! Or even a week.  Or two. Or more. So now I have so much water I could refill the cases at a convenience store! The good news, I have plenty of water. The bad news, my grocery budget got seriously depleted for items I didn't need.
Preparing for a storm is serious business. We all should consider having some products ready for a storm each season. Get an extra first aid box (be sure to keep your antibiotic ointment current). Keep some dry soups, jerky, peanut butter or whatever your favorite storm food is on hand. Have a lighter, some candles, flashlights, and all the other things you'll need in case of prolonged bad weather. But don't buy as much water as we did... bad idea. Yes, I'm smiling now, but when he came in the door with it...not so much.

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