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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun During Frankenstorm

Who is coming to your door (well your cyber door) during hurricane/tropical storm Sandy (better known as Frankenstorm?) Ding Dong! AVON calling! Yes, it may be pouring rain outside but AVON ladies (and men) are always available. (We are better than the US Mail!)

I admit, this storm is going to be hell! For all of us. So what do we need most? A little retail therapy! Yes, as long as you have a battery in your computer or cell phone you can shop. During any storm some stores stay open 24 hrs (or at least online they do!) And it's so more comfortable to shop from the comfort of your own desk chair.
My store will be open, ready and waiting to help you look and feel beautiful. Yes, you can buy AVON during any storm. You can even get it delivered to your front door, no need to have an AVON rep drop it off. I know, sometimes it's hard to find an AVON lady (or man) when you need one. So bookmark this story so you can find one anytime!

How do you get to my store? Here is the address. And the store is lookin' good this week, Bon Jovi is on the front page. I don't know about you, but just looking at that man is enough to make me feel better! I do love eye candy! AVON's newest fragrance is Unplugged by Bon Jovi so you'll see him around a lot. There is also a men's cologne coming out soon, so keep your eyes open!

If you visit my store you can browse every current AVON catalog. Just click on the words eBrochure along the top of the page and the various catalogs will show up. See how easy it is?

Also there is free shipping for $30 orders! Code FS30REP. So take some time and start your holiday shopping during the storm. 24/7 any day, any time, any weather. AVON and their reps really love you!


  1. Yes, how is Bon Jovi still so hot? I really like the fragrance, too. It smells very nice.

  2. The man is hot not matter how old he gets (he's still younger than me! LOL) and I love his attitude about giving back. It's why he's working with Avon. He likes the company's charitable work. Next time someone needs some Avon touch base with me. Afraid I can't get y'all personal intros to Bon Jovi but... I don't have that kind of pull lol.