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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fighting Frankenstorm!

As most of you know our area is in the path of Sandy, a tropical storm/hurricane depending on which weather forecast you are listening to. All of us are scrambling around trying to secure items that are outside and get ready for a possible three days of power outages and nasty rain and wind. Here are a few of the things you might want to think about doing (it's never too late to start unless you're at the shore and under mandatory evacuation.

  • Matches or something similar to light candles. The last storm (yes, I'll admit to it, we didn't have any matches. Which of course was my fault, I made my husband quit smoking. While in theory it was a great idea, it meant we didn't have matches! Yikes!)
  • Batteries for a battery powered radio, clock, or flashlights. (with backups!)
  • Food that doesn't need refrigeration. Peanut butter? Beef Jerky? Or something you can keep heated up with Sterno.
  • Bottled water.
  • A list of emergency phone numbers programmed into your cell phones. Police, ambulance, contractors, tree surgeons, electricians and plumbers, heating contractors and your insurance company. Your phone numbers for family members.
  • Rake up leaves that might block sewers once it starts raining. This is critical.
  • Have a first aid kit and be ready to use it.
  • Have you ice maker keep making ice. Just keep emptying it into zip lock bags. The fuller your freezer the longer your food will last. Have a cooler? Some of those cold blocks you freeze in the summertime? Be sure to have those on hand too.
  • Have a basement that floods?(I know mine will if my sump pump isn't working) which happens whenever our electricity goes in the middle of a storm. Either get a pump with a battery back up, or better yet a generator(which will likely cost a fortune.) Also be sure to get a supply of buckets and mops for cleaning up water.
  • Bring in or tie down: trash cans, grills, patio furniture or anything else that's loose outside.
  • Park your car in your garage or away from large, older homes without a garage park your car as far from trees as possible. This storm may knock down some of the older trees.
  • Pack an emergency kit in case of evacuation. All medications, toothbrushes/paste, whatever you think you might need. A first aid kit would be a good idea. Take emergency documents with you. (See
This is by no means a comprehensive. Be safe. Be dry.

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