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Saturday, October 27, 2012

When Was The Last Time You Said 'I Love You?'

Today families that were once close geographically live hundreds if not thousands of miles away from each other. We lose touch with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and parents.

While the Internet has allowed us all the ability to connect via email or Skype, sometimes it's not the same as 'being there.' And sometimes we don't take the time to connect. We are so....'busy.' How sad!

There's no way to replace that hug, being there in person, or knowing that your closest family live down the street or five minutes away. What I call 'touching distance.'

Several years ago I was watching a talk show, I don't remember which one since I usually blog while the TV is on in the background. It might have been Oprah, but the guest or maybe the host asked 'when was the last time you told someone important to you that you love them.'

Wow, I thought, I am SO GUILTY! I presume they just know. Even when we see each other we are so busy catching up on each other's lives we don't take the time to 'say it.'

Whether it's your son or daughter, your husband, your mom, dad or the rest of your family, often we forget to verbalize those three little words that have such power. Power to heal. Power to support. Power to help in times of stress and distress. Too many times we face regrets after the loss of a loved one that we didn't say 'I love you,' and let our family members know that no matter how far away we may live, or how little we see each other, we still care and are there for them.

After the show aired I took the advice to tell my mom and other family members I loved them. In each situation it ended up with the two of us tearing up and hugging each other. I guess I'd been guilty of not saying it, not showing it, not letting them know just how much I cared.

So if you haven't told your family or good friends you love them, take some time to share your thoughts with them. You will feel good, they will too. After all, who can resist a hug fest and love all around?

Don't wait, sometimes your love will be what helps them through the toughest times when it seems like there's no end to a problem.

Also you never know when it might be the last time you see that person. I lost my dad suddenly as a teen, I went to school one morning and came home to find he'd died. I wondered when was the last time I'd told him I loved him? I was a typical teen, self-involved, not given to telling my parents how much I loved them. I regret not saying it before we left the house in the morning. Hearing that one last silly joke, or getting that last chance to be 'Daddy's Little Girl.' I missed that last chance to tell him, to show him I cared no matter how often we might have disagreed. Don't miss your last chances, you never know what might happen.

So don't put it off. Tell the people you care about that you love them. There's no time like today. Now!


  1. We are really big on saying that in our household! It is so good to remind ourselves to let those we love know it:)

  2. Thanks for commenting. It's too easy to slide out of the habit, or to let it glibly slide off our tongues without really making a point of it. Glad your family shares their feelings openly and often.