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Monday, October 22, 2012

Politics, Blogging and the Presidential Race

I've debated whether to bring politics into my blog. I know, sometimes I give a line or two to something political but I've never put whole blog posts behind a candidate before. I've decided it's time to be up front about my personal political opinions.

Can I change your vote? No, only you can change your vote. I just wanted to share why I support President Obama for re-election. If that changes your vote, great. If it doesn't, that's fine too. Just get out and vote! No excuses!

So why do I support President Obama?

I support our President because as the owner of my own small business I believe it's wrong that GE pays less in taxes than many small companies. No more corporate welfare on my tax dime.

I support President Obama because I want to experience peace for the first time in years. Imagine what we could do with all the military spending if we applied it to social problems or to developing energy within our own country.

I support President Obama because I do not want the government deciding what I can or cannot do with my body. I want all citizens to have a choice about their own bodies. I want there to be choice--for everyone.

I support our current administration because I recognize that despite the current hard economic times, the significant deficit was not caused by President Obama. He inherited economic hard times from the Republicans.  He inherited military costs from previous administrations. To expect one man, in one single term to turn around the problems is unrealistic.

I will admit, my family has been hit hard by the ongoing unemployment in the country. Both my husband and I lost our jobs at almost the same time. Despite looking hard for jobs it took 2 or 3 years to find new jobs. We were the unemployed who were no longer part of the statistics. We were the long term unemployed, over 55, and were having a tough time. But we did come through it. Other families have as well. Yes, we were all hurting, many of us still are. None of us came out unscathed. But the opposition wants to provide more breaks for big business--tax breaks, support in subsidies etc. I cannot support that.

I trust President Obama. I know, he's a politician. So I admit, my trust is limited. But I believe he has the ability to turn things around and is working toward it. He has been very successful working with other world leaders in conjunction with his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. He is respected by other world leaders. I am less sure that the opposition has a clue about foreign affairs.

I support President Obama because I have two disabled adult children. I need the social supports to remain in place that they need. I trust the President to maintain benefits for those who cannot care for themselves.

Now you know why I support President Obama for re-election. Of course I could give you more reasons, but I don't have a month to write this blog post. But let me know why you support the President. Or if you don't, why you don't. Any politely worded comments will be published. Spam or rudeness will not.

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