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Sunday, April 29, 2012


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You got the look. AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT WAS FOR! Moms, grandmoms and even OPMs(Other People's Moms) are well known for several things. Noting when you are too loud is one of the biggies, noticing when you manners aren't quite what they should be, (remember that BBQ where you didn't put a napkin in your lap and you got the GLARE? Heck, you thought it was a BBQ, so relaxed rules right? NOT!) Oh yeah... Moms around the world are all the same.  Even when we are aggravated by our moms doing the exact same thing, we find ourselves doing it to our sons and daughter. Correcting grammar, silently, or in some cases, not so silently is a big mom-ism. So while I don't have this cross stitch sampler hanging on my wall, my kids see it there anyway...they know I'm always silently (and occasionally not so silently) correcting their grammar!

It's not my fault! I'm not sure if I blame it on Sister Theophane Marie (my first grade teacher) and Mrs. O'Neill (my second grade teacher) when I learned the bulk of my grammar skills at Christ The King School in Haddonfield, New Jersey, or if it's my mom's fault (hi Mom!), but I am guilty of acting like the grammar police! Whether silently or out loud, I find myself automatically correcting grammar. So now that my kids have read this and have become paranoid to even open their mouths around me ....  Ah! Peace and quiet! (I wish!) Like that will EVER happen at my house! Well it was a nice delusion for a few minutes! Remember, watch those contractions! No dangling participles!


  1. Thank you for stopping by Inspirations by D. I enjoyed your visit and your comment. Talk about squirrels, we get them too. They love to tear at the bird houses we have, not cool.

  2. I enjoyed your blog, my real problem is I get hooked on reading OPBs(Other peoples' blogs) and can waste a whole day! Ah now I'm 'rationing' my blog reading! Thanks for visiting, stop back anytime!