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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Unexpected Results of Exercise

I know there's a reason why I keep putting off going to the gym... no all kidding aside... this photo just goes to show that Mom is ALWAYS right.  As a child (and teen) we were never allowed to chew gum. Not bubble gum, no Wrigley's, no Juicy Fruit, no Chicklets.  Among other things it was not ladylike (I wonder what she told my brothers?) and of course, was bad for our teeth.  My cheat? I would sneak peppermint Chicklets and eat the peppermint off the outside, and ditch the gum. I figured I wasn't technically CHEWING gum so I was in good shape! 

Somehow I never got into the habit of chewing gum, even as an adult, something my daughters' friends find hilarious. I mean, I'm almost sixty years old, I could chew gum NOW if I wanted to. I mean what could my mom do to me now? (aside from a few looks.) (You all know THE LOOK, that one that immediately makes you cease and desist whatever you are doing no matter how old you are because you KNOW the outcome is going to be bad if you don't!) 

So seeing this photo and caption didn't strike terror into my soul because I knew I was safe... I'd never chewed gum, let alone swallowed it! Obviously these ladies had mothers who didn't have the same rules at their house! 

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