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Saturday, May 5, 2012

#heytomcorbett We're Not Finished With You!

 from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Do you care? And you? And you? We're facing the shortfall of funding for education in the state of Pennsylvania (and I suspect most other states as well) and the only way to solve it is if 'someone like you cares a whole awful lot!'

Upper Darby School District(like others in the state of Pennsylvania) is facing significant cuts in classes in schools for arts and electives. And it's time to once again tweet  #heytomcorbett and let the governor know just how the lack of funding is going to hurt our state not just right now, but down the road. When we have a whole generation of adults who are uneducated and undereducated. When we face generations who don't care about music or art because they never learned about it in school. When we have a generation that only know the music of MTV or their favorite radio station but doesn't know anything about Mozart or Beethoven. When we face a generation of couch potatoes with mounting health problems because we didn't encourage them to be physically fit in gym classes. When we have a whole group who don't appreciate reading or research because libraries were closed.

Whatever cuts your districts are facing, stop and think, what will happen unless somebody like you cares an awful lot and acts on it. Go to your school board meetings. Let your legislators know what you are thinking. Let them know just how much you care.  Enough to vote them out if they don't provide funding for education. Just say 'NO' to legislators that want to be re-elected when they show how little they care about our children by their budget cuts. And let your school board know the same thing. Each group wants to blame the others for the cuts--the fact is, they are both responsible for being fiscally responsible and providing the funds for an education that is well-rounded and teaches things that aren't just reading and math.

So once again, tweet the governor, #heytomcorbett, and let him know just how you feel.

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