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Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh God, It's Me!

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized 'oh god, that's me?

Whether it is because you have aged (who me?), added a few pounds (oh no, not me!), have mirror dysfunction (oh I have that for sure), or you just got a new haircut and forgot what you looked like in short hair (oh god, why did I let her cut it?) we all have times in our lives when we just don't recognize ourselves or wish we didn't.

Post-pregnancy? And so used to seeing the 'bump' you don't recognize yourself? What woman hasn't had that happen?

Post bad breakup... and eaten your way through a bit too much Ben and Jerry's? Ah! men are pigs! And a few have been known to turn women into pigs.

Post divorce and you do not recognize yourself because you've been so used to ONLY seeing woman he wanted you to be?

Did you just let that evil witch at the cosmetic counter redo your makeup AND talk you into buying several hundred dollars worth of product and walked by a store window and gone, GOD NO! I didn't!

Have you just been on a date with a man who... well your best friends would kindly say to you, 'honey, WHAT were you thinking? But you don't recognize why (somehow you totally missed the fact that he had FANGS!)

Yes there are always times in our lives when we do or are people we do not recognize or do not WANT to recognize.

Sometimes we date/marry someone who takes over who they think we should be. Or we allow ourselves to become what someone else thinks we should be. Or we cease being a person in our own right and instead become a wife, a mother, but no longer YOU.

If you're any of the above, it's time to kick your own backside and say "So we meet again." and take back your identities. It's time TO BE YOU. For you. The best you you can be and find your personal identity. One more time!

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