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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Someone Took Out The Squirrels...Or Something

Near Garrettford Elementary School in Drexel Hill, where today there's a WAWA Store, a long time ago the corner was a holding house for prisoners.

According to local lore prisioners were routinely mistreated, beaten and even murdered. Before the WAWA was built people reported seeing their 'ghosts' walking the grounds. Restless ghost. Hostile haunts. 

One summer, following the night of the full moon, in the morning all the birds and squirrels in the surrounding trees were found mysteriously dead all over the school grounds. Ghosts and ghouls? Or kids deciding to start a rumor of ghosts? We'll never know. No one was ever found responsible. Do you know about any paranormal activity in Drexel Hill? 

The question now is are the ghosts of those squirrels and birds now haunting the area? Did you see that ghostly flip of a furry tail? A robin that's not quite a robin...? I don't know about you but I think I'll stick to shopping at this Wawa during the day! Or maybe this is why we always see police cars in Wawa's parking lot? Protecting the area from uninvited intruders...ghostly or otherwise.

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