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Monday, April 16, 2012

Just A Little Therapy...

Somehow, no matter how hard I try, if I walk in the door at Target... I walk out with a basketful of ... STUFF! What stuff? Stuff I don't need.  Or didn't need when I walked in the door.  Target is AN ADDICTION!

This is the genius of Target and yes, The Dollar Store and worst of all, CVS! I've solved the Target and Dollar Store dilemmas, I just NEVER go in there.  I mean it's literally been over three years since I was in Target.  This doesn't mean I haven't bought anything from them, but I've gotten smart... I send my husband in with a specific list (and unlike Home Depot, he'll actually only buy what's on the list (except for a bag of Oreos, which is way less expensive than what I'd come out with!) 

And the two things I REALLY need at The Dollar Store (gift bags and tissue paper) I've gotten pretty good at only shopping at the one with the gift bags near the door.  Also the good thing about this particular Dollar Store is it doesn't have a great selection of other stuff I think I want.  But CVS... I'm still fighting that addiction.  I've tried the husband trick there as well.  It works to some extent.  It keeps me out of there for nearly a month and a half, but then I cave, sometimes I just HAVE to go in there myself!

I guess I should count myself lucky I'm aware of my uh...addictions, my awareness saves me money (even if sending my husband into Target costs me a bag of Oreos!)

And my worst addiction (shopping that is) used to be Borders Books. How they ever went out of business I don't know! Not only did I live there (keeping their coffee shop in business) but I always left with three or four books. Granted, paperbacks... but still... Even my children fed my addiction to Borders, knowing nothing pleased me more than a gift cert from them for my birthday or other gift giving occasion.

I suppose my addictions could be worse, I could be looking to score some Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks or Birkin bags. I DO love shoes and handbags!  Even shoes with heels so high I know I'd break my neck wearing them. Or styles so extreme they're feats of architecture not fashion design! But I keep those ... under control.  (OK, if you look at my Pinterst board under shoes you know I'm ... in love with them) But at least I'm not buying them!

Men, (if you're reading this you obviously are a great husband, any man who reads about women shopping is BRAVE!) I know you hate stores like Target. I KNOW just how much it emasculates you to go in there and shop for our 'girly' stuff. But the next time she asks... think how much money it's saving you, and smile and say "Yes Honey." (And then head to Home Depot or Best Buy on the way home for some retail therapy of your own! This tip courtesy of my husband...the rat, I never KNEW!) So strike that! Wives, give him the exact amount of money what you want costs (plus a bag of Oreos), take all the credit cards and checks, and THEN send him out. HA! Gotcha! It seems ladies aren't the only ones with our shopping addictions!

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