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Monday, April 23, 2012

#heytomcorbett $$ for Districts! Updated!

#heytomcorbett I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! Are you listening? Someone in Harrisburg needs to, because as far as school funding goes things in the Corbett administration are going from bad to worse! At least if you live in Upper Darby School District they are.

Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget cuts are taking aim at our school systems. That's right, your school system, my school system. He wants to cut another $100 million from the state funding that supports classroom learning. ANOTHER $100 MILLION. How many of YOUR children we be affected by those cuts? What do those cuts mean to your child?

If you live in Upper Darby School District it means your children may have to live without what many experts consider some of the educational basics... things like library, gym, music and art.
How important are these 'electives?'

It's time to shout out to Governor Tom Corbett and say the people in Pennsylvania are made as hell and we're not going to take it anymore! There are a lot of programs he could cut, but don't cut programs that effect our children!

The decisions in Upper Darby Township to take away electives like a library, a critical component for developing a love of reading as well as a love of learning, or gym classes at a time when childhood obesity is at an all time high doesn't make educational sense or cents. The music and art programs they want to do away with? These are the hyacinths for the souls of our children. What kind of person decides this is where to make the cuts?

Upper Darby is planning on cutting their grant coordinator which means no more innovative classes funded by GRANTS not your tax dollars.  This is one position I'd vote to keep! 

The school district is blaming the funding of charter schools as the reason for the need for cuts. The reason Charter Schools are needed is because the school district isn't fulfilling the needs of all the children in it. By cutting elective programming our schools will become a warehouse for our children. It will be a place they go and spend an entire day in classes they take in order to pass standardized tests. Is that somewhere you want to send your children? I know I wouldn't.

Do I have all the answers? I freely admit I do not. But surely as a group we can find a way to keep our education system providing our children with a decent WELL ROUNDED education. Parents, teachers, administrators, school board members and our elected state representatives all need to work as a group to find a way to fund our school systems adequately so that we don't have to make these deep cuts.

Governor Tom Corbett and our school district both need to be reminded:

"If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul".

-Gulistan of Moslih Eddin Saadi
13th century Persian poet

Our elective classes are just that, hyacinths to feed the souls of the children in our school district. Our art, music, library and gym classes are our childrens' hyacinths. What happens when you take away these classes that nurture the souls of our children as well as their education? You tell me...

I just know I don't want to miss seeing all the children walking to school carrying not just a backpack for school books but a library book as well.  And I want to see them carrying their black clarinet or trumpet case, with a look of pride on their faces. Smiling children. Happy children. Children who want to go to school. Children who take pride in learning. These are the things our children will lose with these cuts.

Are you mad as hell? If this makes you mad tell the governor. Join mothers and fathers by tweeting #heytomcorbett.

I'm mad. But I'm also sad. But action is the only answer. If like me, you're mad, or sad, or want to take action then shout out using the hashtag: #heytomcorbett and lets get the attention of the governor and the school district! As a group we have power. We have the power to effect change. It's time to use our power to be sure our children keep their chance to have hyacinths to feed their souls. 

This post is part of a group of moms who have made up their minds to speak out. Here are some of the others. I'll update through the day!

Updates: Read this post, directed at the Upper Darby Schools and Governor Tom Corbett

And yet another:

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