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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Express Your Inner Diva!

I remember those days, getting on my bike, tossing my watercolors and brushes into my bike basket and heading to art class. I was one of the lucky kids, the community where I lived (Birchwood Lakes) had an adult Mrs. X., who taught drawing and painting to any interested kids. Come one, come all. What a gift she gave us! She taught us how to look at the world and show it to everyone around us through our eyes. What we created might not have been representational art but it let us create and put our dreams on paper.

We weren't Wyeths or Turners, or Sargent or Monet. But we were kids creating our inner visions. If you live near Lansdowne PA, Art Space Lansdowne offers creative drawing and painting classes for kids from 8-16. These classes let kids discover the visual arts while having fun and, on occasion, making a mess!

Classes are taught by Liz Steele Coats.  There are three one hour Monday night classes where students explore character drawing, pointillism (painting with dots) and 3-D projects. The cost of the series is only $28 for all three classes and included all materials. Class may be messy so dress accordingly! If you have a sketchbook, bring it along!

Sign up now because space is limited. Register here. Also be sure to check out all the other classes offered, some for adults only.  Bring your creativity to class and strut your stuff!

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