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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Thought Your Mom Was Obsessive? Ha!

Here Comes The Bride's Mother! Or OH NO! DUCK AND HIDE! Momzilla is coming to town!

I remember when my daughters were six-ish and they had a game called "Perfect Wedding" that revolved around planning their weddings. It was the hit of the neighborhood for several years. You got to choose everything from your groom (you could trade him in! (wow! just like a few people I know do!) and you could choose everything from where you got married to cakes and flowers. That was the beginning of wedding planning mania at our house. We went through Barbie and Ken getting married (multiple times) and occasionally GI Joe marrying Barbie as well.

I hate to admit this but I'm just as bad as my daughters! As soon as my daughter mentioned the word wedding I started researching. I know, I know it is HER wedding. But as a researcher by trade my knee jerk reaction to anything is to hit the net running and see what I can see! And as someone who loves finding a good bargain I love searching the Internet.

While I've been researching, she's been through three fiance/boyfriends since then. I've suffered through the boyfriend who was just...well just awful! The boyfriend even his mother didn't want. The boyfriend who was obsessed with Madonna and was a mama's boy. And now the last, her fiance. Well I'm not suffering through him. (Am I?) Of course not!

Unfortunately I'm still obsessive about using the web so I quickly found all the wedding web pages, blogs, and bulletin boards. And I've been reading them ever since. You have to realize, I've been reading them now for seven years, or is it eight or nine? OK OK, yes I am obsessive! I admit it. It's my personal failing. Needing to be a know it all! Or at least trying to be one!

During her various relationships she's wanted a beach wedding, a destination wedding, a traditional wedding, and a wedding at a vineyard and oh yes, the Vegas wedding with a Madonna impersonator marrying her(actually that was more her boyfriend's idea.) She's gone through wanting her wedding in three different states and several destination wedding.

I guess I should be glad she doesn't want to jump out of airplane in her wedding gown or get married underwater using scuba equipment! So just when you start to think your mom is nuts, (and you're ready to kill her) just think, you could have been stuck with me!

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