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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Tips for You and Your Luggage

Most of us have faced the 1 bag minimum the airlines are enforcing (or charging us for these days!) Yes, I used to be able to take my entire wardrobe with me to conferences or on vacation, no planning needed. No special packing tips necessary. No more! Now unless I want to pay $$ I have to pack light. So here are some tips to packing in one bag and making it work.

1. Roll your clothing. Not only will you be able to fit more in your luggage, you'll have a wardrobe that is in better shape when you unpack it!
2. Don't forget those tiny corners you can't fit your sweaters or jeans in. Use those for things like socks, underwear, or other tiny pieces going in your luggage.
3.  Put your personal belongings on top for easy access.
4. Wear basic jewelry and make it work with all your outfits. Want to take a fancier piece? Carry it with you. While you might risk losing your handbag, you're less likely to do that than to have luggage lost or items removed from your luggage.
5. Need to fit still more items in but can't fit them into your luggage? Try layering and wearing the items.

6. Still can't fit everything in your luggage? Or know you'll be coming home with a lot of extras? (You know who you are... families going to Disney World... other locations where you think you'll be coming home with a lot of 'stuff.') Use these great UPS luggage boxes! So cool! Just pack and ship them home. "It's not just a box, it's a suitcase with options." This box can be packed and either shipped or carried onto the plane. Just visit your UPS store if you run out of luggage space and get one of these quick and easy shipping solutions.
7. When you pack your luggage, pack in color schemes and stick to them. Coordinate your colors so that you have the maximum number of outfits from a group of items.
8. Taking a jacket? Why not consider wearing it and keeping it out of your luggage. You'll save space and be comfortable as you get off the plane in a different climate.
9. Use the UPS luggage box to pack your suitcase in and have UPS ship it. No luggage fee, and no carrying luggage or waiting for it at the luggage carousel.
10. Now, kick back, relax, and know you'll have plenty of space to bring home your souvenirs AND have plenty of space for your wardrobe too. UPS does it all!


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  2. You're welcome! I was happy to share this with my readers!