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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Education and You--It Doesn't Stop At Graduation

Education, It Doesn't Stop At Graduation, Produced by Nancy Ross Vecchione
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The 2012 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area took place Saturday in Challenge Grove Park in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. A perfect time, the day before Mother's Day, to speak out about a condition that effects women during and after pregnancy. Preeclampsia isn't one of those walks for 'famous' conditions. But the hard facts are that preeclampsia is the leading cause of maternal and infant death globally. One in 12 pregnancies is effected by preeclampsia yet many women have never heard of it.

They don't make movies about it.  And unfortunately many women go through their entire pregnancy unaware of the signs and symptoms of this potentially deadly disease.

(Look for this button on web sites or blogs you read to find out how to donate to The Preeclampsia Foundation.)

This is why we walk. We walk for education. We walk to bring the topic up so it doesn't sneak up on us with potentially tragic consequences for us, as mothers, and for our children.

To hear more about preeclampsia from a mother's perspective, visit Yoke, It Ain't No Cabbage Patch (Parts 1 and 2). Find out more about this condition from moms who unfortunately, got to see it up close and personal. For them, it was a call to arms.  A call to step up and take action so that fewer and fewer mothers and their babies would suffer as a result of preeclampsia.

Sarah Donza-Hughes was the volunteer coordinator for the area and really pulled it all together. She rallied together volunteers and together they all helped make this area's walk a success.

To find out more about the National Preeclampsia Foundation visit their web page. 

Be sure to watch next winter to see how you or your company can help on the 2013 Promise Walk For Preeclampsia in the South Jersey/Philadelphia Area.  Walks are also held all over the country, so if you don't live in this area look for your local walk.  There are walks still being held all over the United States. Please help.

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