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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Body By Plymouth...Soul by...

Preview from Columbia Pictures/Posted on YouTube

"Body by Plymouth, soul by Satan." is the tag line from this trailer for the movie of Stephen King's horror novel, Christine.

Is it real, or is it CHRISTINE! The novel by Stephen King is by far one of the scrariest reads out there.

I keep telling myself, it IS just a book! A book about a car, right? It's NOT real. It's Chistine by Stephen King. The chiller of all time. JUST a book.

Have you ever read a book that you couldn't put down? One that held you in it's thrall and made a believer out of you? Stephen King's book Christine did that to me. The first time I read it I stayed up all night. Five hundred pages. I didn't stop from when I opened the book until I got to the last word.

I know, it's old. It's out of date. But it's vintage King. King at his best. When his books wouldn't let you put them down no matter how 'dumb' the premise is.

Come on, a red muscle car. Dead corpses. Head lights with the power to terrify me. Chilling but well, STUPID! It's a CAR! Right? I don't hear you... it IS a CAR right?

That's the thing, Christine made me wonder if it REALLY was a car or if it was a demon. Whether Christine was going to come roaring up the hill where I lived to get me. Or if it was really just my imagination. Silly. Yes. I know. I know it's silly. See, I'm still trying to convince myself. A car that possesses Arnie it's 'owner.' Poor Arnie! (Scarier yet, my father's name is Arnold!)

The book has it all. A love triangle, tragedy, demons, evil, horror, death and ambiguity and a coming of age story. Obviously it should become an opera or rank up there with the Bard.

Did Shakespeare ever write on a par with King? Will people hundreds of years from now be reading Stephen King novels like we read Shakespeare? Will they be analyzing them in freshman English? I don't know.

I do know that if they are reading Christine most of them will be up all night for weeks. They'll be waiting, worrying, that those headlights... are coming up the hill for them!

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