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Thursday, May 24, 2012

#HeyTomCorbett! We Haven't Forgotten You!

Video from Save Upper Darby Arts 2012/You Tube

Upper Darby School District cuts...the facts are here. The government is stealing your child's education from them. Stealing their futures. Taking what they deserve. What kind of governor steals from children? Go to Twitter and Tweet #HeyTomCorbett is that you? What kind of governor takes the richness of arts programs and other special classes away but still rides around in a limousine? Tweet #HeyTomCorbett is that you? Who over taxes the people but not the businesses in our state? Tweet #HeyTomCorbett! What kind of governor are you? #Hey Tom Corbett! We are talking to you. We the people of Upper Darby School District. We the people of surrounding school districts are tweeting #HeyTomCorbett, we're ALL talking to you. Because if you'll steal from Upper Darby this year, you'll steal from us next year. And if you'll steal from school districts you have no shame.  Tweet #HeyTomCorbett, we're talking to you. AGAIN! Don't betray the children and people of Upper Darby School District and other district facing cuts around the state of PA courtesy of Tom Corbett. Tweet #HeyTomCorbett do you know you are violating the Constitution of the state of Pennsylvania? Watch this video and weep but #HeyTomCorbett we aren't finished with you yet! Tweet #HeyTomCorbett! We will fight to the end!

The date of May 30, 2012 is coming up soon. This is the date by which we want to have 30,000 signatures on the petition to Save Upper Darby Arts. Sign the Save Upper Darby Arts Petition. And Tweet #HeyTomCorbett to let the governor know where you stand! “Do not go gentle into that good night.”  Tell why you want to save the arts in Upper Darby. Tell Governor Tom Corbett you won't give up easily!

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