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Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer Camp Deluxe!

My soon to be step-grandson (he's still insisting on the step part)would love this chance to travel to California to go to Catalina Island Camps. I'm entering him to win a session of summer camp for a child at Catalina Island Camps from the SITS Girls! Some kids are just that special.

Do you have a special child in your life who deserves a great summer camping experience? Something that is a major step up from day camp or even sleep-away camp with the Scouts? Catalina Island Camps is certainly that! Take the time to browse their web site and learn more about them.

Catalina Island Camps offers campers the opportunity to try skin diving, kayaking, sailing, power boat activities, stand up paddle boards, target sports, climbing, ropes course, challenge, gardening & composting, nature, outdoor cooking, photo journalism, arts & crafts, day trips, overnights, and Thursday Morning Adventure Trips.  Wow! When do they sleep? And can I come along? (kidding)

My soon to be step-grandson would love the photo journalism, paddle boards and kayaking.  The boy lives in the water and likes nothing better than a week at the east coast shore.  The west coast would be a new experience for him. The skin diving would also be a new experience.  Better yet the chance to travel and meet new people would increase his socialization skills.  He'd love Catalina Island Camp and he'd grow so much in just that short time away from home.  It's one of those things that are definitely a luxury for him but a real learning experience!

Want to see what this Catalina Island Camp looks like? Go visit their web site to get all the details as well as see what a great summer experience this camp offers kids.  But Catalina Island Camp doesn't just offer fancy experiences to each child, they offer the opportunity to develop friendships, become independent, and develop into better students, children, young adults and adults.  They are closely supervised by the camp's staff, many of whom return year after year.  They all have specialized certifications to help make your child's camp stay safe.  To learn more about how Catalina Island Camp chooses it's camp counselors follow this link.  Better yet, the camp is run by a husband and wife team not an huge corporation whose only concern is the bottom line.  THEY CARE! I don't know about you but anytime I choose a place for a child that's the first thing I look for.  Activities can easily be duplicated, and if they don't do them at camp you can do them with them, but a camping experience where everyone cares? It just can't be beat!

So if you're thinking about sending your child or grandchild to camp for the summer, take a look at Catalina Island Camp.  Consider the difference the experiences offered by a sleep-away camp give a child, then add the extras that Catalina Island Camp gives your child/grandchild.. I think you'll find that Catalina Camp offers a deluxe camping experience for any child or tween. or teen.  In fact I bet it ends up on the top of your list.

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  1. Great post! If you like them on facebook or tweet about it for additional entries, just leave a comment on the post letting us know.

    Good luck!