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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Miracle - A Whale Of A Tale

Today my husband and I had some free advance screening tickets for the new movie, Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski.**

Photo courtesy of moviefone

The preview of Big Miracle was held at the UA Theater in King of Prussia (A Regal Entertainment Group Theater), 300 Goddard Blvd., King of Prussia PA. This is possibly one of the most luxe movie theaters in the area. It has multiple screens as well as an IMAX theater, The UA King Of Prussia is also possibly the most comfortable theater in the area.  And it was the perfect place to see this miracle of a movie.
When we arrived the B101 car was right out in front of the theater, and their mascot was inside. Prizes were being given for trivia answers about the movie and the radio station. Hint: If you have kids who want to win prizes, sit down near the front, you have a better chance of getting noticed! And know what the movie is about... you need the right answers to win.

After the Bee and B101 staffers handed out all the prizes and left, the lights went down and the movie Big Miracle began. This is when everyone in the audience became a winner.

Trailer courtesy of YouTube

The story transports the viewer to Barrow, Alaska where Krasinski's character is filming local color for an Alaskan television station.  While filming he spots the trapped whale family.  The rest of the story is history, real history.

Video of James interviewing Drew Barrymore
courtesy of Greenpeace International on YouTube

The movie is a tear jerker at times, all about love, family, life and death. You meet the natives of Barrow, the 'rabid' press, the government politicos and the environmentalists. See how the story played out around the world.  And how nations as well as different cultures worked together to solve a problem bigger than just one nation, one state, one culture, or one special interest group.

My recommendation? This is a five star "GO SEE!" Take your kids, your friends, your teens, this movie has something for almost everyone.  Oh, and take some tissues... if you aren't crying the lady sitting next to you might be!

Read more about Greenpeace International and the story behind the Big Miracle here.

"There's Always Something You Can Do," is the catch phrase of the Greenpeace activist played by Drew Barrymore. This phrase is the essence of this movie and it's message.  It's the reason to take your children as well as your friends to see this movie.  It's why you'll want a copy of Big Miracle in your home theater library. It's not just a "Save the Whales" movie, it's a "Get Involved" message. Big Miracle is a movie about working together for the common good.

**The blogger received free movie passes for this advance screening without the expectation of a positive movie review and/or commentary.  All opinions about the movie are her own and were not influenced by the company providing the tickets, the theater, the distributor or the filmmakers.  Comments are the blogger's own opinion, your experience may differ.

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