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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smelling The Roses

OK, I know I spend a lot of time on Pinterest these days, but sometimes there are 'words of wisdom' for all of us to be found there and not just a lot of pretty pictures of food or clothes. For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest it's a virtural bulletin board where you can categorize and 'pin up' things you like. It's fun. It's ADDICTIVE. 

Sometimes we all get so busy we forget to stop and 'smelll the roses.'  This reminded me.  And yes, we all need a reminder sometimes, so here's you's up to you to implement it.

Whether you frame the words, post them on your bulletin board, or just tuck the reminder away, here you go, your 'words of wisdom' for the day.


  1. I love this post! Thanks for stopping by! I just tried to join your google friend connect but it's not letting me right now, I'll have to come back!

  2. Friend connect works on and off! Not sure why! But thank you for reading. Please come back anytime.