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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Save Money Remodeling

We all moan and groan about the cost of materials when we remodel. Whether it's the cost of new cabinets for our kitchen, new appliances, a new heater or light fixtures none of it comes cheap.  And if you're like me you really want QUALITY products. It's hard to watch HGTV and not lust after those picture perfect kitchens or gorgeous newly remodeled bathrooms.  So how can you do it on a budget? Visit Pre-Demolition Sales' web site. 

Who and what are Pre-Demolition Sales? They are a team of recyclers who go in prior to the demolition of a home and sell pieces of the home to any interested parties. They sell it all.  Pipes, stone, garden statues, heaters, air conditioners, tubs and sinks, appliances, sometimes even the shrubbery is for sale.

What does this mean to you?  A chance to own that Sub-Zero Frig you've been dying to own but can't quite afford. Stone for that wall you want to build out back that isn't nearly as expensive when you go to a demo sale and haul it away yourself compared to going out and buying it. Redoing a garden? Need shrubs (have you priced those lately?) Garden statues? Bird baths, no matter what it is visit the Pre-Demo Sale recyclers and buy it at a huge discount.  Looking for that sweeping staircase? Keep your eye on Pre-Demolition Sales' website and wait for one to come up.

Recently they disposed of all the stone, 250 TONS of stone at a single home in Merion, Pennsylvania. (you can see the photos at the prior link) They also sold all the exterior doors, most of the windows, the whole library, two kitchens, a huge staircase, 5 HVAC systems, bathrooms, a variety of interior doors, floors and miles of flagstone and shrubbery and more all found new homes. WOW! That's what I call a successful day recycling! I can't imagine what the cost would have been to haul it all away to the dump.  And this way it's being reused by a very happy customer!

Interested in seeing what else they've sold at a variety of sales? This list is from their web site: Air conditioners, appliances, architectural antiques, awnings, bars, bathroom accessories, bidets, bookcases, brackets, bricks, carpet, chandeliers, chimney pots, church bells, circuit breakers, cobblestones, wood or marble columns, copper gutters, Corian, corner cupboards, cupolas, decks, dishwashers, doors, fencing, firebacks, flagstone, flooring, fountains, garage doors, garden sheds, gargoyles, gates, granite, gym equipment, hardware, heaters, invisible fencing, ironwork, kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures, mantels, marble, paneled rooms, pews, planters, plantings, playground equipment, pocket doors, pumps, radiators, radiator covers, railings, refrigerators, restaurant equipment, roofs(tile and slate), sconces, shelving, shrubbery, shutters, sinks, skylights, stage curtains, stage lighting, stages, stained glass, staircases, statuary, steps, storm doors, stoves, tiles, toilets, trees, trellises, tubs, urns, water heaters, weather vanes, window treatments, windows and much much more!

I don't know about you but I have no problem buying upscale kitchen cabinets from a mansion on the Main Line that's still in like new condition.  Or even picking up that circuit breaker box at a great price.  If you live in an older home these recycling sales are a huge bonus! Need tiles to replace that broken subway tile in your bathroom? Just wait for the perfect sale and you'll find some.  So visit their web site.  If you live in the suburban Philadelphia area or are willing to drive a distance on a 'treasure hunt' recycling is for you! Look in your area for the recycling teams in your area.  Oh, and by the way, I have dibs on the next Sub-Zero that comes up!

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