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Friday, February 24, 2012

Light Saber Ice Pops

Courtesy of YouTube and ThinkGeek

The last few days of warming weather trends have me thinking of summer. And with thoughts of summer comes the challenge of keep cool. Well if you want to keep cool and be a cool Star Wars fan this is just what the doctor ordered! Are you a Star Wars fan? Know someone who is? Do you need a gift for a friend who 'lives' Star Wars? ThinkGeek has these Star Wars Light Saber Ice Pops that a true Star Wars fan cannot be without!

Photo from ThinkGeek

Oh yes, you know you want them. I can see that look in your eye. I see you reaching for your Visa or Mastercard to make that purchase. Who could resist? These Star War Light Saber Pops are to die for! They even light up! While not suitable for saber fights they are a cool treat for all the kids (or the adults who still think like kids) that you know. Who can resist a freeze pop that lights up? Perfect for a Star Wars Party at your house. Yes, I know, you're buying them for your kids...RIGHT.  And if I believe that you'll sell me that bridge you just happen to have for sale right?

Photo from ThinkGeek

And even if you aren't buying them, watching this YouTube video is a kick!

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