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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starbucks Means Love

Video courtesy of YouTube

There are some times in your life when a hot drink from Starbucks means love. And sometimes there is someone whose efforts to help others strikes a chord in my heart. Dan's story shown here on YouTube is one of those people who are making their life better by helping others.  

Who is Dan? Dan Dewey is a volunteer. He brings the people coffee or tea (and a smile) to patients as they wait for their chemo treatments. 

Yes, the video is by Starbucks, but Dan Dewey is real. And he has real heart. He makes me think 'what have I done for someone else lately?'  How about you? How does Dan make you feel? Starbucks wants you to share your 'everylove' story with them by sending them stories of people who care at this link.  

What is Everylove all about? According to Starbucks "Everylove is for all the relationships in your life worth celebrating. It appears differently to each of us, but we all recognize it the same – by the flutter in our hearts and the smiles on our faces. It appears as a laughing friend, a helping hand, a familiar face. We’d love to hear what this special feeling means to you. Tell us about the simple joys people create in your life – tell us about your everylove."

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