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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On The Road to Cape May

The great race to lose some weight before you hit the Expressway on the road to Cape May this year for bikini season is on! How will you do it? Will you choose Weight Watchers? Calorie Counting? High Carb? High Protein? Medifast? Slimfast? Jennie Craig? Optifast? or any of the other gazillion weight loss programs out there? No matter what you choose the web is here to help you.

Photo from Hungry Girl

My favorite? A web site called Hungry Girl. Hungry Girl gives you tips on ways you may be shooting yourself in the foot while dieting as well as some great recipes that have been re-written to make them great for the calorie conscious. You can sign up to have them email you daily updates. They help you plan meals and keep you on track toward your goal of a slimmer and sleeker you.

Another favorite slimming site? 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet. Not to be confused with (YOU SO DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE, especially if you are at work!) But 3 Fat Chicks On A Diet is a great web site. They offer you all sorts of tips, tricks and recipes to help you lose weight. My daughters both used this site very successfully in conjunction with Weight Watchers a few years ago. We all still use their recipes and tips.

So no matter what weight loss program you decide to embrace, stick with it and don't forget, add some exercise to the mix, it's the only way to keep it off. If you live in the Delaware County area in the Springfield area hit the Springfield Healthplex.  A deluxe gym that has everything you could possibly want to get you in the groove to lose (weight that is).  Pools, fancy equipment, weights, basketball courts, tennis courts, racquet ball, a swimming pool, and every kind of fitness class you can imagine.  Don't want to spend quite that much $$$?  Try the economy Planet Fitness, last I checked it was a basic $10/month, a price a girl on a budget can't resist.

Courtesy of Nike 
(The Shoes/Sneakers/Workout Shoes You WANT to OWN!)

So NO EXCUSES! As the Nike ads say "JUST DO IT!"

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