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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#HeyTomCorbett Look What You've Done Now!

#heytomcorbett all our students in all our schools need the arts saveudarts

Sometimes I think Governor Corbett and the others working on the budget have forgotten the 'little people.' The people who elected them. The people who can vote them right out of office again. The people who want to Save Upper Darby Arts.  The people whose signatures are on this petition.

#Hey Tom Corbett, did you forget the special ed students! Where will they go? Save UD ARTS

As a parent of two special education students who went through the Upper Darby School District Special Education System, I will admit it has it's positives, but negatives as well. But one problem is that many of the special education students are not mainstreamed into regular ed classes except for 'specials' like art and music. Governor Corbett wants to take these away. Where will this leave our children? The people who signed this petition want answers. The people who signed this petition to Save Upper Darby Arts!

#Hey Tom Corbett are you pushing special ed students back into segregated classrooms?

Our children will be left on one floor in the high school, segregated from the rest of the school population because many of them cannot be mainstreamed into regular education classes. Sign the petition. Be one of the few, the strong, the outspoken, the signers of the petition to Save Upper Darby Arts.

 #Hey Tom Corbett do you care about special education? Save UD Arts!

I was fortunate. My daughters were mainstreamed. Mostly because they had a combination of regular school, a great tutor (paid for by us), and they were also taught at home. Regrettably most special education students aren't that lucky.  People care about equal education for all. These people signed the petition to Save Upper Darby Arts.

#Hey Tom Corbett make all our children count!

Use these tweets, make up your own. But be sure to sign the petition to Save UD Arts.  Choose you tweets, choose one, choose all. But sign the petition to save Upper Darby Arts.

#Hey Tom Corbett do you care? do you care about all students or only a few?

Let Governor Tom Corbett know you care and you will stand up and speak out and sign the petition to Save Upper Darby Arts!  Use the power of twitter to get other parents, former students, teachers and current students to sign the petition. Their signature is power. We have to take the power back into our own hands. Tweet now. And vote your conscience later if we don't get results.

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