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Friday, June 1, 2012

Do You Live With A Drama Queen?

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Drama Queen image by Mish

Do you live with a drama queen? You know who you are if your daughter is one... every comment starts with "Oh mother!..." and ends with her huffing off in disgust. In between there is cajoling, (and if that doesn't work she'll resort to flat out begging,) then sniffles and crying jags and hissy fits interspersed with the words you come to dread hearing "You just don't understand!"

Does your daughter seem to overreact to every little hiccup in her life? Blowing each small incident into a huge event? As her parents were you either for or against her, with no in between? Oh yes, I recognize this! Did your daughter's whole world seem to fall apart at the smallest provocation? And if you ignore her? Oh my god! You just started World War III! And yet as a parent, you have to put a stop to it, you can't let her think the world revolves around her, forever! (Although there are times it is tempting, because face it, it is way easier than putting your foot down!)

Yes, every event becomes a tragedy (or once in a great while a huge comedy!) Remember the day she was so over the top you had to go hide in the bathroom to stifle your giggles over her craziness?You learned Will Shakespeare had nothing on your pre-teen or teen daughter! And that as much as she aggravated you, if you kept your sense of humor about the whole thing, you'll remember and one day get back at her by writing a book or a sit com about her! Or at the very least commenting about her teen years to her future husband--(just so he knows what he's signing on for.) Because has she REALLY changed? Or has she just learned to bury the drama and haul it out for the times when she really wants something?

I have friends who remember when their daughters (also drama queens) wanted to drive to the shore when they'd just gotten their driver's license the day before. And the daughter didn't quite understand why her mom took the keys and hid them? Informing her under no circumstances was she driving down to the beach with five other girls was not a conversation any mother would want to relive! Not only that, the girls had all conspired ahead of time and so drama queen-itis was enacted all over town!

Yes, drama queens are alive and well and living, or at least used to be living in my house. Ah! The day she moved out was very...quiet.

Yes of course I miss her. I love her dearly. And I admit, sometimes I even miss the sheer entertainment value she provided me with!

Where did she get the propensity for dramatizing everything? Uh, well... you see I have to admit she got it from me.  And it's likely I taught her a lot of what she knows.  So what goes around comes around. Or as some mother's are fond on saying (although to be fair, my mom refrained) "I hope you get a daughter just like you!"


  1. Don't live with one but I'm sure I was probably one at one point! hah.

    Hope you are finding a bit of pleasant noise to fill your now quiet days. :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! As insane as it was at times, I miss them!