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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father's Day Gift Of The Year

YouTube promotional slide show by Weber Grills

The Father's Day gift of the year (aside from that great breakfast your kids will make you to eat in bed) is the KettlePizza! KettlePizza? I have to admit this is the first I've heard of these, but some clever designers have devised these great attachments for your Weber Grills that  will let you cook everything from pizzas to grilling a double stack of wings and corn! Perfect for the Dad who is a grill addict.  Better yet for all those summer BBQs that need a lift!

KettlePizza began in 2010 when some businessmen came up with a great new way to cook on a Weber Grill. Al Contarino and his partner George Peters designed and manufactured KettlePizza out of Al's bar in Massachusetts. 

They quickly became so popular that it was necessary to move to larger quarters in Groveland MA where they now have their new distribution center and manufacturing plant. The KettlePizza is made in the USA exclusively.  Al and George are currently shipping their brain child worldwide! (Check out!)

These adaptations for Kettle Grills are not made by Weber but I bet they help sell a lot of new Weber Grills as men worldwide catch onto this great idea! Looking for some recipes for pizzas for your grill? Here you go! There are also lots of forums online on how to best cook your pizza on a grill.  Who knew?

Video on YouTube

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