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Monday, June 11, 2012

Beat The High Cost Of Fancy Manicures!

Do you head to the manicurist weekly or every ten days for a new manicure? Ever wish you could pump up your manicure yourself and save some cash? Do your own nail art--Dollar Store nail art?
Impossible you say? Not so! Perfect nail art is easy to do all by yourself at home with a trick straight from your Dollar Store!
What do you need? Your favorite base coat, favorite polish, sealer, contrast color for design, and masking tape. And from you Dollar Store? A design punch! Little stars, hearts etc. are perfect for decorating your nails. Can't find one in the Dollar Store? Try Michael's Crafts or your favorite local craft store, theirs will cost more but work the same.

Just punch out a shape or design on masking tape. So easy! I picked up a heart shape punch from my Dollar Store! Perfect for this project! A steal at a dollar! It might take a few tries to get the punched hole right  because of the stickiness of the tape, but keep trying.

Attach the design cutout piece of masking tape to your nail firmly, otherwise your polish will bleed.

Apply your contrasting color polish. This is when you can go as wild as you want. Try glitter, dots, animal prints anything you can think of! It's impossible to make a mistake because your manicure is covered by masking tape!

After about a minute of dry time slowly and gently peel off tape. Very slowly. Soft and slow will keep you from messing up your manicure. Then add your sealant. You can use the same piece of masking tape over and over.

See I told you! (I know, it's rude to say 'I told you so." But it works to give you the perfect addition to your manicure!
And while you might want to let the manicurist do your nails for special occasions, this nail art is perfect for 'fixing' nails that had somehow gotten nicked up over the week after your manicure.
So give it a try, for a dollar or two you can't go wrong.

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