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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How The Olympics Shape Our Lives

Proctor and Gamble/YouTube/Shawn Johnson "Thank You Mom" Campaign

As I watched the American women take gold last night I thought back to the Olympics when Shawn Johnson blew us all away with her performance. She wasn't feeling at the top of her game but she still went out there and wowed us all. I don't think there was a single person watching that performance that didn't come away admiring that young lady's GRIT. We could all use a little of that grit in our everyday lives.

Yes, the Olympics reflect our lives.  How we live and what we do.  How we balance work and play. How hard we work to accomplish our goals. And how we relax.

It's balance. It's all about balance. Not just at the Olympics but in life. Shawn Johnson's mom, Teri, gave all of us a great role model. It was not just Shawn who was a terrific role model, but her mom. I hope if I'd been in her place I'd have been as great a mom and as good an example for my daughter. I hope I manage to balance my life as well.

Olympic Gymnastics. The sport we love to watch because it's pure magic. But the real magic? Balancing your life--having a real life and your 'other life.' And having parents who understand and support you--gold, pure gold.

So I say it's time for 'gold medals' for some Olympic parents--starting with Teri Johnson. And it's time to make the effort as parents to be 'gold medal parents' to our children. Thanks to Shawn Johnson, Teri Johnson and Proctor and Gamble for the inspiration.

And the next time you are standing on the sidelines, yelling at a referee, channel Teri Johnson instead.

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