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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Packing Dilemma! What Should I Wear?

A group of my fellow bloggers are headed to a huge blog conference in NYC known as BlogHer. The great debate for the last several weeks, that has geared up in the last few days is 'what should I wear?'

I have come to the conclusion (and reached the age) where what I wear is not as important as how comfortable I am. I'm not heading to BlogHer, maybe next year, but if I were my most important things to pack? Comfortable shoes (several pair) and super comfortable undergarments.

Yes, I'll take some other clothes, but I've never been a woman to dress to impress other women. I never quite got that memo in life. I did get the comfort memo though! And I've never forgotten the two most important things in life are a comfortable pair of shoes (or two or three) and a bra that really fits!

Nothing makes a woman more miserable than shoes that pinch or a bra that rides up!

See guys, all these years you thought we were PMS'ing... it was really either bad shoes or a bad bra (or a combination of both!)

So if you are traveling to a conference (or even just heading out on vacation) the answer to 'what should I pack?' is the same. Comfortable shoes, comfortable bras. 

Conference = Comfortable Shoes, Comfortable bra.

Disneyworld=Comfortable Shoes, Comfortable bra.

Traveling around Europe=Comfortable Shoes, Comfortable bra.

Driving cross country=Comfortable Shoes, Comfortable bra.

You get my drift! No matter where you are going, these are the two critical things to pack. So as you are going through the great debate, no matter where you are going, this is your answer!

OK, a bit different for men, but...

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