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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paging Dead Squirrels!

Have you ever wondered why you don't see squirrels who have died from natural causes in your neighborhood? I mean sure, I saw one last year that the beer delivery truck for the neighbors ran over but that doesn't count--that was a hit and run. I mean I've never seen one that just died from old age or starvation etc. You just don't see Granny Squirrel with her walker lying on your sidewalk dead. (Thank you!)
One squirrel web site said that most squirrels don't just drop dead (like a human w/a heart attack). Instead these furry wonders retreat to their nests or choose to die in a protected spot of their choice (likely surrounded by nuts (no I don't mean my neighbors!)

After death, their uh...carcasses (for lack of a better word) are eaten by crows or ravens, or even your dog or cat. YUCK! OH DOUBLE YUCK! Please say it ain't so! My beloved dog eats dead squirrels! UGH! That's the last time I brush his teeth!

Another theory suggested by an 'expert' is that "squirrel Valkyries carry them off to squirrel Valhalla, which resembles a large bird feeder."

"It's also been postulated that chitterboxes don't die. They retire to an enormous tree that's suspended in space on the far side of sun. There they listen to ABBA, feast on delicious nuts, and watch Walt Disney's Old Yeller over and over (and they always cheer when that poor dog gets put down for having rabies)."

I'm not sure what the real answer is, but if any of you are squirrel-a-holics and have a creative answer (I am so hoping they are NOT listening to ABBA!) post it below. I love to be entertained. So do the rest of my readers!

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