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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Politics and Pizza

Decision 2012. Did you help decide the outcome of the Presidential election in 2012? If you live in Drexel Hill, two of the local polling places reported almost half the registered voters had already voted by 4PM. And the 'after work rush' was still to come. Poll workers and voters all seemed in good spirits, there was no arguing in lines over partisan issues. Actually the workers moved voters through so seamlessly that there were little or no lines at the times I was there.

What made the difference in your decision to vote? I talked to a variety of people who all reported having voted tonight when we talked to them after the polls had closed. This unofficial poll, conducted chatting with the other diners at one of my favorite restaurants, Bertucci's in Springfield PA, showed a split down the middle almost equally between the President and Mitt Romney.

But what was impressive was only one person said they had not voted. It was good to see that people had taken the initiative to get out and vote. If for one reason or another you did not get out to vote in this election, be sure to register the next time you renew your drivers license this year, it is so easy, just click 'yes.'

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